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From technology idea to feasible solution.

Technology Accelerator

Our goal is to help you launch your product or service using the best-of-the-breed technology.

Finding tech-talent is always challenging for startups. 

We help you build the MVP
We assist with your  Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our expert solution specialists can help you arrive at your MVP in a quick and iterative model for a streamlined version of your product featuring just the core features that you can test with your target audience or pitch to investors.
With expertise in strategic marketing and technical implementations we help companies in all phases – from scoping to deployments –  while building their successful digital products and services.
eNovEight Accelerator Model
We can step into your technology partner of an easy engagement model if you are a start-up. We are happy to hold equity against our technical contribution. 
eNovEight has also assist with investor promotions and product launches.